Sunday, December 2, 2012

DC Shot Glass

freebies for getting the pair shoes

My DC Bag

i got a new DC bag too

My new DC Shoes

Just want to share, i guess. They made me happy for some seconds so i guess they are worth it.

Christmas 2012

its yet another Christmas in our lives. what do you feel right now about this season? Me, i am a bit sad right now.

i have purchased already some gifts (most are for myself of course). and yes i expect also to receive some from friends. if not then its okay.


i have forgotten already the real meaning of Christmas. is it just the gifts? the sparkling lights and the adorned trees? the foods. the statues of the animals around the curved wooden baby jesus on a fake manger together with the kings and joseph and mary? do these things and this celebration doesn't have any meaning to me anymore?

i am kind of old to this stuff. but am i really old to be like the grinch?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


the mind is the source of happiness and unhappiness.

September 1, 2011

Ber months are here again. And though they are not here to stay, they will be here for a while reminding us that time really flies fast. Yet sometimes we are not moving to the right direction. I mean me. Sometimes i just want to stay put and see things clearly. I cannot avoid times when i am losing my track. And i love procrastination. Holding back. Yeah there are times like that. But maybe i need to have these times to reflect if i am really going to the right track or not. Need to slow down. Its not everyday that we are active and happy and challenged so and so.

Anyways Christmas time is coming to town. My relatives from different parts of the globe will be coming to the flips for a short vacation to experience again i think Philippine Christmas. hahaha. so funny. I mean yeah. tradition etc. And maybe, just maybe they missed us here in the flipland.

So much to rant about the government, politics, environment but for now i need to point a dagger in my self for not a good citizen and a selfish human being that i am. God knows me better than i am so there.

Monday, August 15, 2011

My room

I have nothing to post so i am posting right now some shots i took of my newly renovated room. Very self-indulgent ha ha ha. This is my private space in my ancestral house in the province and its not yet completed. And forgive the blue-painted wall. that will be replaced by a bisazza tile or a mactan stone once i have the budget. Need to save more for some monkey-business first.